ADU-RES Results

The ADU-RES results will be documented into various reports, as described in the ADU-RES stucture. These reports will be available here for download. Please, come back to check for regular updates.


ADU-RES Dissemination
The ADU-RES activities have been presented in various international conferences:

EuroMed 2004 - "Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries" - May 2004, Marrakech, Morocco. Here you can download the paper that was published in the proceedings of the conference and in the "Desalination" Journal [168 (2004) 89-93 ]:

Download (aprox. 200 KB)

- "International Conference on Desalination Costing" - December 2004, Limassol, Cyprus. Here you can download the poster presented by the ADU-RES team:

Download (aprox. 190 KB)